30 September 2007

Now they want our votes...2

Translation from Tamazight:
Speaker 1: From Tilmi Protests.

"Greeting to you Tmazighen and Timazighin,
We agreed on this action before the elections. Nobody should be telling you that young people are bringing us here. We agreed to do this before 2007. we know our tamara (misery).. we see it and we understand what is going on. We are doing this and we prepared it, from little ones to the elders… we were preparing this since 2006.

We are glad that 2007 came.. so you can come and talk to us!!. before that you just did not care about us. There was a flooding, there were no trucks, no roads no relief nothing. There is no Amazigh TV channel for us to understand what you say to us. do you think we know what that thing you call the constitution really means? We are just here.. we do not understand anything you say.
We agreed today from Abudjam to Ait Attou … we do not know what is the constitution we do not know what is democracy… all we want is roads and health care… we want places where our women can get help.. you have never known us.. now that for the sake elections you are bringing all your army up her to us.
We are all dead in here. But if we have die for our Tamazight that is alright. This is us from time long ago. If you want to arrest us, take us. do it. actually death is better than this kind of life we are leading here. We come to the health ceter and it is empty. If our kids get sick we them to the pharmacy who sells anything to us. We want roads, we want health center…."

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