07 July 2008

Jamma Lafna effect

French ad about a drink and Jamaa Lafna effect. This is not an exercise in semiotics but i can't look at it without remembering Edward Said and Roland Barthes. How could all that happen in a 19 seconds is hugely beyond my heads and their abilities.

06 June 2008

Rokia Traore: "M'Bifo"

Sublime !

13 January 2008

Happy Amazigh New Year

one more...

Happy Amazigh New Year,
Asseggwas ighudan i imazighen marra wala kul medden yaden,

Amazigh New Year 2958 is today Jan 13

Imazighen known as Berbers have stated their calendar 950 BCE and have used it ever since.
Most farmers in North Africa, having forgotten the origins of this calender, still remember that January (yanayer) 13 is the start of the Year. celebrated as Haguza, yennayer and many other names.


07 January 2008

Petition for the Touaregs,

To: Government of the Republic of Niger, United Nations, European Commission

"Since its independence, the state of Niger has been in latent conflict with the Tuareg population living on the Nigerien territory. This situation escalated in 1990 with a massacre of this population group in Tchin-Tabaraden and resulted in an armed conflict. After the conclusion of a treaty of peace, which was intended to make allowances for certain claims brought forward by the Tuareg organizations in 1995, this conflict calmed down. Today, it seems that the implementation of the treaty has failed. This caused new dissatisfaction among the population in the north of Niger. A new Tuareg movement “Mouvement des Nigériens pour la Justice” (MNJ, Movement of Nigeriens for Justice) has formed whose central claim is that the peace accords signed in 1995 be met..."
Read and sign the Peace in Niger Petition >>

More Resources:
1- watch video about French Uranium and the Toureg rebellion. (FR)
2- Uranium Scandal in Niger. (FR)
3- COGEMA, la Hague site, major extractor of Uranium in Niger and The a zero impact policy lie.
4-Indian company joins the game.(read)

06 January 2008

Touareg Genocide

Understanding the Touareg struggle for liberation.
Another way of getting rid of the Touregs of Niger and Mali is to exploit their lands through massive extractions of Uranium by the French government and corporations. Now a whole population is exposed to radiation and government oppression.
The world is "just looking".
This is what Assouf Ag Maha is explaining in this interview. ( 18 Minutes/ French)

01 January 2008

happy new year every1