17 September 2007


Almost two weeks after the Moroccan elections, Caféman*, my friend, says there are still great amounts of colored paper on the streets of Rabat. Indelible ink on thumbs and forefingers of voters has gone or not depending on the amount of water and chemicals used. and Soap, sabone beldi, javel, lghessal...
The king has already 'met' the big 6 and the next government is cooking in a big pot; The Makhzanian pot. And only Allah and people close enough to his ceiling know what is going to happen. I mean the names that are going to be mentioned the most on the Moroccan TV for the next five years.
Other than that it looks like they want us to hold our breath
most Moroccans are already electioned out. There is so much said abut the elections that we think something miraculous is going to happen in a hitchkock-ian fashion. Now we are still trapped in the suspense. The thing is walu (nothing) is going to happen.
There are lots of files left open for the next government.it looks like. Thousands of unresolved issues. Water, land, forests, corruption, roads, health, Tamazight .. u zid u zid (etc). I would not want to be the next Prime minister unless I really have things I want to do for myself first and I do not care about Morocco. I would not want to deal with all the problems (for lack of a better word) left behind some cheap reformists like USFP. I would not want to cover the pit holes and collect garbage and bones after dogs feast. The outgoing government has not done much. (please remind me if there is something to give them credit for..walu ! I can’t find anything)
This is how “elecioned out” you can be.
Caféman thinks about his numbers trying to revive his numerology memories. He said:

"It has been a great year i think,

  • 2007, add it up 2+7 that’s 9.. like adding up these dates 72, 81, 90, 99 (9+9=>1+8=9) it is history, you know !
  • 63 percent of people who ‘ditched’ the ballots.. that also adds up as 9. it is 3 and 6.
  • We Moroccans do not like number like 6 and 66. We say “66 kshifa”. ( 66 hurdles, difficulties), it nogood staff...
  • The king Mohamed 6 met 6 of them already last week.. there is a link between all of that and 9.
  • “zid 6 3la 60” ( ad 6 to 60) when things refuse to get better and problems add up.
  • ...

Conclusion: 9 and 6 are just numbers.. that’s 15. one person five more years but it is a 6.
See you guys. do not waste your time thinking about solutions. It is all about the 6.
caféman is good man"

* imaginary friend.. works for the municipality... cleans streets.. in Rabat

Post Script: Setta u dama. ( i do not how to translate this one) [right number is 3 tlata not 6 Setta, Mohamed El Kortbi of Partageons nos passions. see comments...


Mohamed El Kortbi said...

Wa rak ma"amrak ma l3abti dama ... tangoulou "Tlata wa dama" ... Settta mayamkanch !!!

bouba said...

Si mohamed ana ghalet.ana mwellef dyal 40. u hadi ghir hedra dyal Cafeman machi dyalli. ana nkurigiha. shoukran.