11 September 2007

One Question Interview with Eatbees:

I tried to gather some courage for this question for ‘almost’ a year now to ask Eatbees if there is a story behind the name he has chosen for his blog. Now I did it. but first, I found out about Eatbees last October. I g****ed Morocco blogs. Followed some blue links. A first post came up… like this:

“I’m writing to you from Asheville, North Carolina. This blog will deal with politics, religion and culture, and the intersections among the three. The hidden fourth subject is technology, because that is what enables us to communicate in this way.” (Sept 10, 06)

After a while I thought.. this is a different blog.. . I realized that Eatbees pulls out all the meanings attached to words like democracy, Human rights, morocco, Iran, technology, photography… and engages his readers in a deep reflective and intellectual effort round them. He is still crafting his words carefully sharing the passion and love for countries like Morocco.. in attempt to rebuild the puzzles of culture and socio-economics without getting trapped in the usual paradigms of western academic superiority.

“In fact, the reason I write a blog is because I want to communicate with other people in order to learn from them!
At first I was timid to share my feelings about Morocco if I thought they were controversial, because I was afraid the "real" Moroccans might say, "Who are you anyway to be giving your opinion? You don't understand anything about this." But no one reacted that way, so I've become more sure of myself over time because the rest of you are helping me out!

How did “Eatbees” become name or a title for your blog?

This isn't the first time I've been asked this. The fact is, the name "eatbees" has been around a lot longer than the blog. Originally, eatbees.com was a collective website with a few friends, and when we started it, I asked them all for ideas for the name. Our favorite was dontblink.com, but that was already taken, so we settled on eatbees.com as our second choice. I'm the one who thought of it, and I'm not sure where it came from. I was looking for a name people wouldn't forget easily.
It's true that I love bees and see them as a model for many good qualities, such as industriousness and working together. I've read that bees were a symbol of wisdom in the ancient Middle East. They are vital for agriculture, and Einstein once said that if bees ever disappeared from the Earth, humans would have only four years left to live! I have a fantasy of raising bees as an old man, maybe in Chefchaouen. They produce honey which is good for the health, but when you want to eat it, sometimes the bees get in the way. Maybe that's where the name "eatbees" comes from. If you want to taste the honey, you've got to feel the sting!

Shoukran Eatbees.

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eatbees blog header photo. All the picture. (Bees on glass, the whole glass)

Favorite Eatbees quote (one of)

“To understand Morocco, it is necessary to spend time in bus stations at strange hours of the night.”
( from half-crazy desperations)


eatbees said...

What a wonderful presentation! Thanks so much ;D

I'm surprised you waited so long to find the "courage" to ask me where the name eatbees came from. I didn't know I was that scary!!!

I like your version of my top image. You make it look like the bees are part of the ingredients to make tea. Just take some mint, some black tea, and instead of sugar, throw a handful of bees into the pot!!!

For your clickable links, here's one you may not have seen, but some people think it's a classic, "Waiting for the Rain" which sums up what some wise people helped me understand about Morocco.

bouba said...

@eatbees, it is to you at any thanks should go.
my 'courage' has to do with respect and appreciation rather than fear. but i admit i have my own fears that have to do with how much i enjoy my ignorance...
i am glad you like my version of your header. i wanted to display what is in the glass.
i'd like to have some mint tea with my bees.
by the way the "writing for the Rain" post is a great pot. i do not know how that escaped me. i read it again.