25 September 2005


wa-alaykum obi.

well OB One has fnished and all te tasks in line.
all thetown was talking about OB in the last couple of weeks. life had to stop. partners and children had t suffer through the stories told by Obeoners. paople get board and they still had to practice what we like to call emotional support. now they all have time to relax before OBtwo stats.
my group was made of eight small groups of five and they al have showen a great talent in the presetations they shared. serious talents. wow. all kinds of tools showed how much these people can work together. talents in acting singin dancing and painting.
we worked on metaphore and meaning in graoups that are muticultural and how much these mataphores affect positivly or negativaly the group process and the groupe dynaics. and a lot of other things i d not want to talk about right now so you do notsuffer as well.
now that all this is finished you can relax as welland al the world can go back towork. sounds like Ramadan to me wjen every ine waits for this holly month to finish before they could think of what to do. all the questions ave one answer: 'we will talk about this after ramadan/OB1.
and people can be as mean as they want and it is all Ok. they must tired and stressed because of ramadane/obione.
people stay hungtry for all day and they get stressed and they get " les ners" ohhh waaaa and they can become a little bit violent. inside most of the times. you can call it stress if you wish.
now when people finish their papers and submit them they will sucrifice the time and they icon of togetherness like aid elkebeer for the god of Ob. inshallah.