02 October 2007

Omaar re-discovers Spain

Rageh Omaar, former BBC journalist goes in a journey he called a look at what "impact Muslims had on European art, science and philosophy."
What interests me personally in all of this is the question. The presence or absence of the old Moors ( berbers) in the historical discourse devised both by Europeans and Arab muslims is a different area of investigations that has to wait a little more. However, Rageh Omaar tries to educate his fellow Europeans about facts like the bridge was not really that wide.

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Raqqash said...

The beauty and enlightenment of the arab civilization in Spain has always been the big reason for me to admire this culture: an unparalleled example of multi-cultural society in an age that we, western "civilization", are so arrogant to think of as "middle-age".
I wish this world could go so near as to be one tenth as enlightened and respectful as it was during those times, my friend Bouba.