01 September 2007

Imazighen Bycott L'vot

Students and Amazigh activists call for boycotting September 7th elections in Morocco; protesting against the gov’s detaining Amazigh students in Universities of Errachidia, Meknes, taza, Agadir... And also protesting against the “economic embargo” the Moroccan regime forced on the South East region.(this is on the Goulmima side)
For Imazighen this is more then just a protest..
It does not make any sense to vote in a structure that does not recognize you as a voter. What I mean by that is there is difference between voting and offering your vote to further ignore you. Fhemti?
There is a feeling among some of Moroccans that if you do not vote, you are ‘throwing your voice away’ instead of using it ‘to make a change’ which is totally true for those who know their voice is going to be heard.

This might sound cynical and too nihilistic for those who can not think outside the box, i mean a Bernsteinian box, but voting or not voting makes no difference as long as the Moroccan constitution is still the same. This is a constitution that does not recognize the Amazigh people’s rights. This is not a simple question of social identity or “diversity”, as some people like to call it, This is a question of universal right to exist in your language, cultural Identity, land…etc.

The Moroccan government is still denying people the right to have Amazigh names for their kids. Well it is the same government that is privatizing water and forests, selling public companies and lands to international corporations, and doing all sorts of things to oppress people.
That is why a lot of Imazighen want constitutional reforms first. They want a constitution that would cover their political action when “politics hot the fan” and therefore they are speaking against cheep rhetorics of the government as in “your vote is your voice”.
That what the boycott means. It also means that ma lot of people are saying: “no thank you, I pass…”

From amazigh.org

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eatbees said...

I guess you've seen the new post on my blog by my friend "Doga" where like you, he's decided to boycott the elections. Though he's not Amazigh his reasons are similar — without constitutional reform the result will be meaningless. He did make one mistake in the article he wrote — he called Annahj Addimocrati the only party calling for a boycott, when in fact the Amazigh Democratic Party is doing the same. I'll point out his mistake the next time I talk to him ;D