16 January 2006

Mhee and eid Elkebir

Not Just for the sake of bla-bloging, but out of honest emotions that Mohee in Blognehg reflects on his experience going home for Ed Elkebir. The abrahamaic muslim tradition of sacrifice.

The myth explains Mohee as told b everyone tells the story of Ismael how was about to be slaughtered by his father when the arch angel Jibreel brings him a sheep to sacrifice. Ismael was saved once and for good.

Mohee stated that over 200 million sheep are killed or rather slaughtered in the all the muslim countries.

Millions of people go visiting their families every year to celebrate this holiday.

This year more than SIX million heads were sacrificed for the honor of god and to save Ismael’s head. In most cities the killings are done in the homes but in the country side, Mohee, this has to happen in public and people slaughter in the streets.

People can sacrifice as they want but they should not do it infrond of young kids. “this i can not tolerate” says Mohee, “ an animal also has right like all living beings”

The images of blood Mohee has seen were not good.