28 September 2007

BWM: Blond While Moroccan

“This is the little blonde girl the world desperately hoped was Madeleine McCann.” (!!) Says The Daily Mirror.
Bouchra, 3 year old Berber Rifian, ‘was seen’ by a tourist who was driving across Rif Mountains She might have been Maddy who disappeared a few months ago.
I feel for her family and hope they find her soon... But the photo taken by the Spanish tourist deserves more than a little stop...
It is really a shame and a pity that little Bouchra and her family are harassed by media and authorities just because she “might” have looked like another European person. Her family was called by the authorities. Her parents had to prove she was their daughter. I find this really strange, for lack a better word.
I wonder if the same acts of harassment would happen if “another Maddy-like blond little girl” is 'seen' in any places in Rural Alzas, Basque, Arizona, or Wales.


Mohamed El Kortbi said...

la famille doit porter plainte contre l'espagnole qui a pris la photo de la petite.

bouba said...

Translation of previous comment.

Mohamed said:
the family should sue the Spanish who took the photo of the little one.

Mohamed El Kortbi said...

wa lakin , kayne wahed almouchkil kifache alab wa aloum byed wa khel wéldou deriya color !!!!hahahaha