03 September 2007

Amarg Fusion: the music

a break from lpolitka !!
this is a real great Amazigh music . the song 'Sawel a Rrays' is a real gift.
I will post more links if people are interested.
good luck every one.
(Mouss, Tanemirt atas. Tudert i tmazight)


xoussef said...

I'm looking forward their next album.

Bouba said...

@xoussef, it is coming. But you know all the business staff. they have to wait for the next "season" as they call it.
by the way, Xoussef, i really enjoy your writings.
... dima.

xoussef said...

thanks ^^ i like yours too, i refrain from commenting on topics i don't know, mostly... still i learned a lot of you.

you simply can't get enough of good music. i was unsuccessfully looking for their earlier work under "Dounia Amarg" name...

Anonymous said...

azul hat issuhlagh awal widdegh ran lharb (taqaryant:imanghi) hat aarab am igdi our da yahachcham da y touggad

bouba said...

Azul Anonymous,
tanemmirt nek xek taxatart. eesneghmayd ettinid.. izeddig wawal nnek, ar asen nessetwa iman. wenna degnegh ighiyyen. awal ur sar enn yesselkem timmuzdert, ifesti ad as igan ameccehcu.
han tanemmirt yaden tikket a t3errc tkhiter,