10 September 2007

Meknes for example...

I heard the sigh ( and e-sigh) of relief after the election results from almost every one I know ...
May be people are losing trust in the big heads. Meknassi people, for instance,
have not voted for Ssi Mohamed Al Achaari, the present minister of Cultural Affairs. known as one of the Moroccan intellectuals, poets...etc. Born in moulay Idriss Zarhoune (shay llah). He was president of the Moroccan Writers Union for a very long time. Amazigh writers and journalists know him very well (insert). He lost his seat in the parliament where he “sat” for two terms representing the communities of Zarhoune for a two terms.
The other person is Nouzha Chakrouni (bio, Fr). Who does not know here. Very nice women. Moved on the Moroccan cabinet from minister in charge of cooperation, social affairs and disabilities to Moroccan Community Living Abroad, MRE. People did not vote for her.. wili hshouma, lalla Nesha looses her seat.
“I feel for her, meskina.” said Café-man in a phone conversation today. “She is the most drifa person in the whole cabinet. At least she was very approachable during the election campaign. She talked to every one. Well all of them do that and you never see them again, ever after.”
She was a
devout USFP “activist” head of the Meknes list. One of the strongest women in the Moroccan government. She had not been very successful in putting the MRE council to work although she had been traveling all over the place… (at the expenses of Moroccan tax payers). She really wanted to continue doing her politics… but no luck.
the surprises were great and again we think it is a great time for change. But in my opinions nothing really is going to move as long as more than 60% of Moroccans are saying: “ la 3afek, I do not want to vote and I do not want to talk about it”.
This is the word.


Ayoub said...

"Drifa" is not suffisant to have votes of moroccans... i think that meknassi and moroccans in general wants to send a clear message to the USFP, the message is : We dont want the same ministers in the next gouvernement!

But the strongest note is that about 66% of moroccans were also clear in the message that they dont want the system at all!

bouba said...

@Ayoub, than you for the comment. "drifa", "weld leblad", "rajel mezyan" are labels that secured elections of many people. many people do not vote for politics they vote for 'people' and it is really sad.

more messages being sent are 'we still have the word.

thank you again for your visit, ayoub.

taamarbuuta said...

That's too bad about Achaari - He's a very interesting man and his brother is a good friend of mine.