28 August 2007

Driss Basri dies again,

Driss Basri dies..,
Condolences to his family.
Moroccans believe they should not say bad things about their deads and we should follow some the great teachings that say “Mention only good things about your dead”. High levels of Moroccan forgiveness… things that do not always work. But Driss Basri had done tremendous amounts of atrocious things to his follow Moroccans.. There is nothing really good to mention… stp.

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Liosliath said...

You're right, we shouldn't speak ill of the dead - but isn't it lovely to imagine him facing all the people that he had killed? That is, if you believe in the afterlife... :)

Side question for you - would you be willing to write a guest post on my blog about Amazigh identity? See the last comment by Shane (Qaddafi post) for more info on what might be included...