30 October 2007

Morocco: a country of marvels


bouba said...

i like the poetic side of this clip. i wish someone could translate this into English and capture the poetic taste.
i like when the goats are shown on the trees and the guy says: "... and the trees host all kinds of strange birds".
the dream.
i just wish morocco is really like that.

rachid said...

Hi Bouba,

Morocco is like that. That depends how you see the world. If the only thing that draws your attention is sad sighting then that's all you will see. It is the old half empty /half full glass. You just happen to see the glass half empty. There is a beauty in everything even in some of the most miserable places on earth and there is sadness even in the richest places in the world. Just try to stopand smell the roses once in a while.



bouba said...

@Rachid, thank you for your comment.
i saw the half that is full that's why i posted this video. morocco is beautiful and it will always be. we have our own empty halves too but we still enjoy the full ones to the extreme. we are Moroccans you know.
i called it a dream because i want the glass to be always full so we can all sit down and enjoy the great smells of flowers et al.
i appreciate your comment, Rachid. keeps one thinking where do we get our world views and what do we do with them.
best to you.

Samira said...

There are so many interesting facts in Morocco, even the cities are so close to each other, the weather is different and the culture is also different, and ALSO the colors are different, that is why I love Morocco, Marrakesh is SO different than Casablanca, and both of them are so different from Agadir and all are so different from Fez, and ALL are different from other famous cities and breathtaking Morocco property. Don't miss your trip to Morocco, you are not gonna waste your time, you are gonna enjoy it SO very much. The hospitality of people is great, food is great, ohhh food, the food is also different. Yeah everything is great, go buddy and try it, it is one of the greatest countries in the world

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