22 October 2007

Inerview with Gobal Voices


Mohamed said...

Hi Azul,
I am so proud of you Bouba I am Amazigh from Ait Hdidou and Iam now in USA and I read your interview with Global Voicesit`s so fabulous.
I think you were a teacher in Ait Hdidou and I thing I know you blew is my personal e mail if you want to e mail me mahammam@gmail.com

bouba said...

Azul Mohamed,
thank you for your nice words and your support.
i definitely know the area very well. but i have not been a teacher there. i wish i was. i like Aqqa n Ait Haddidou very well.
than you for leaving your email. i will write to you soon,
ad ak i7ou,
ar tayed.

Larbi said...

Ravi Bouba d’en savoir un peu plus sur toi ! Je suis très fier que des gens de ta qualité enrichissent la blogoma et participent à faire sa diversité !
Je te lis souvent même si je commente rarement (because l’anglais) et j’apprécie grandement la qualité de tes posts et surtout ta lucidité

bouba said...

@ SsiLarbi,
je voudrais juste te remercier pour ta visite et tes encouragements.
je ne suis qu'un simple homme qui se porte pour bloggeur pour notre culture, notre identite et le bien de notre meilleur place au monde: meghrib.
une autre fois. j'apprend toujours des gens comme toi et toute le communote de blogma.
shoukran a Ssi Larbi.

@ Mr. Larbi,
I want to thank you for your visit and your encouragements.
i am but a simple man who thinks of himself as a blogger for our culture, our identity and hopes of the better for this place we all love: Lmeghrib (Morocco), i am learning from you and all members of the blogma community.
thank you Ssi Labi

Raqqash said...

Very good interview Bouba. Diversity is richness, but seems only wise people can appreciate some treasures.
Keep up your very good work

bouba said...

@Raqqash, thank you very much.
your visit and your wise words are always appreciated.

ringrazio molto

David said...

Azul fell awen (It's OK)

My name is David González we have a blogging system platform to create Blogs in 60 languages, we have a version in Amazigh http://nireblog.com/ber but no it's completely translated, we have a tool for complete de tranlation Niretrad http://niretrad.nireblog.com

Could you help us or know somebody to copmplete tranlation.

Tanemirt (Eskerrik Asko in basque)

My email is ketari in gmail.com

bouba said...

Azul David,
tanemmirt for your note.
i have not looked closely to the platform but i have seen it before. i will look closely.
i would also be happy to collaborate and i think there are other people who would like to do that too.
thank you for leaving your email,
i will write to you soon,

Jens said...

Hi Azul,

I read your interview on Global Voices. I am happy to see your work. Actually I am working on a project to create a world language that will be based on different languages, so I would be happy for any ideas or comments you have. Incorporating ideas from Amazigh would be nice also. Je pense que le maximum de diversite est important pour creer une langue que nous pouvons tous parler.

L'addresse est http://patwa.pbwiki.com