26 October 2007

Press Code Reforms...

The latest approach to Morocco Press Freedom is technocratically called : reform.
The new government is taking press freedom seriously !!. One of many things that were left in the hands of the “past” government, as they walked out of the Ambassadors' Gate, was Media, Press, Censorship, detentions of journalists...

Maghreb Arab Press, MAP, the walking stick of this all governments, said:

Rabat, Oct. 24 - Morocco is determined to amend the Press Code and to gather the legal texts governing this field into one Act, Prime Minister, Abbas El Fassi assured Wednesday before the House of Representatives.
The government, he said in the statement of the new government's program, will see to the practice of the freedom of the press - within the total respect of the law - and introduce new mechanisms, such as the National Council of the Press, due to play a key role in the implementation of the professional rules.
The PM also affirmed that the government will erect communication as a major instrument for the construction of a democratic and modern society, as declared by the monarch back in 2004 when he said that the reform of the media is a prerequisite for improving the political scene.

MAP published this information under the rubric of culture !]

I hope these words will stay fresh in the heads of the new hires, the brand new government.They sound great (the words). but even if i really try to put my skepticism in a jar an through it out in the ocean, i would always think that

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