20 October 2007

Lucky Dube is no more !

One the most famous and the most peaceful artists of South Africa, Lucky Dube, 43 was gunned down in front of his two kids by some gangster carjackers. He was driving in the outskirts of Johannesburg yesterday.
Reggae music admirers, fans and musicians as well as people in his town are still under shock.
He left seven children. The youngest of them, Melokuhle, is only three months.
Lucky Dube was a freedom fighter, a social justice activist.. a complete and mature African artist. He sang and danced for the poor and the oppressed Africans. His songs educated a lot of people for generations. He was censured and imprisoned.. but struggled and gained an international renomé and inspired people…
It is outrageous that he gets killed by a bunch of gangsters hired
to steal cars to make little money when the rest goes to the big ones...
BBC reported reactions of people protesting against the violence and crimes that take more than 50 lives everyday in south Africa.
it's the way it is.. one of my favorite Dube songs.


SimplyMoroccan said...
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bouba said...

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