03 November 2007

Moha: Amazigh blogs presentation

Moha* Arehal, from Ait Negh Blog , was the speaker today in a presentation given at the Institute for Amazigh Culture in Rabat (IRCAM). The Topic of the presentation wan Amazigh Cyber Activism. Moha touched upon different issues and questions of Tamazight and the internet , what is a blog, blogging ethics and blogging for social change, moroccan blogs (Blogma) and the place of Amazigh blogs in the world of pixels.
He talked to
Academicians, professors and policy makers commonly used to reading their morning news papers in the offices with their café noir … and also people who are interested in alternative media.

This is a little synopsis of the presentation:
In Absence of reliable sources of information, Imazighen have weaved many ways through internet to make themselves heard and connected. The importance of ethics and committed Bloging where posts can be criticized, corrected, commented upon, in an open and civilized way which a lot of other media would not allow.
“ we learn a lot more from people who think we are wrong than those who agree with us” says Moha “ that is listening to the difference in opinion and integrating it in ones work . Not going out looking for lies to get to a false equilibrium. It is allowing people the right to say their opinion when they think you are wrong”

The most important principles for the success of Bloging is transparency and observing ethics, integrity, commitment, and honesty in a world where anonymity and independence, as internet allows, do not keep you away form your duties as a blogger. Human issues are more than personal.
Finally the academic some of the academic institutes are opening up and considering that online cyber activism can work. Bogging for Tamazight is one of many ways of acting but it is going to maybe become the fastest and the most efficient way.


*Moha: stands as one of the most prominent Amazigh activists in Morocco. writer,blogger, journalist, rural engineer, lecturer, political analyst, hydrologist, desert lover, ... to name a few . He writes for many Moroccan News papers. Le Monde Amazigh is one of them.

Web: [ Blog negh..]


Myrtus said...

Sweeeet! Blogging for social change, it can't get more beautiful than that!

Autumn said...

oops sorry... I had commented that the blog hadn't been updated, but I didn't see the more recent posts. Any chance I could e-mail you? I would love to talk about Morocco from a student's perspective.


bouba said...

@Myrtus, there is more to inernet or cyber activim that is really good. a better illustration of this is on Eatbees blog, i hope you have seen that.
thank you for your comment.
@Autumn, yes of course you can email me. please leave you email here and i could email you and we can talk. i am open to conversations and i like it when the list of my friends frows longer.
thank you for your interest in my blog.
(i could not see your blog though, i wonder if the link works)

Autumn said...

hey Bouba. My email is rosasparami@yahoo.com

Maybe this link will work for my blog:


Thank you so much!

asdow said...

Nice Blog,
Azul Imazighen we should work " Afouss gh ufouss" to promote our language and culture. I would like to share with you my blog:
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bouba said...

Si Brahim,
than you for you r comment.i have not been blogging for a little while. ihemm n ddunit. maca tanemirt nnk wala key fo ublog nek i bahra ihla.
gher dat ard nessgher kul wida urta yessinien amya f tmazight.
we will stay in touch.
thank you agian.]

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