28 February 2007

Vieux farka Toure

Tel pere tel fils... 'ou pas. (Like father like son ... Or not)
A few Hours ago Vieux Farka Toure offered a great concert where he shared his last musical purls with an audience of music lovers.

Vieux is the, son of the Ali Farka Toure had stayed in the shade (hidden- ) for many years as his father forbid him from singing or playing music. He learned music in total secracy. then played a unique style.
"il ya personne qui jou comme lui" said a M , a music film maker from Mali.
"il joux mieux que son pere" said Sirey from Mali. Vieux sang for peace, love, children and the Desert. He created "mesmerizing tones" of a long ancestral heritage. He mastered the guitar in a really short time.
"Your father will be proud of you" said one of the audience as Vieux autographed a CD. All the way through the concert, Vieux stayed calm and humble. his room management skills were beyond dicrption.... He speaks the music he plays.
this is a short video i took for "YOU" enjoy.

(sorry about the quality of video. not right device for a good Video)

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