01 February 2007

Le dog de la queen

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was said to be in "Robust health" today after it was revealed she suffered a hand injury following a bite from one of her own beloved Corgis.

The queen of England was trying to practice some conflict resolution skills when a fight erupted between her too dogs. (K9 website)

Well did she give up on doing that with humans. The whole situation led to her taking a tetanus shot just for further precautions. I wonder how many shots does the world need to take after being bitten by this beast of imperialism. I wonder how many barrels of tetanus do we al need and how many stitches does the world wide scar need.

I wonder how a royal dog lives. He definitely does not “lead a dogs life”(a life of misery, or of miserable subserviency) (read more)

It is all curieux to me that the quality of life is still talked about when there in not really a value in the first place. What are the people of remote places deep in the sahara or way up the Amazigh mountains.

I do not have anything against the dog nor do i have much to do with the queen. I do know what conflicts matter, and what dogs count.

God save the queen. Ad inser rebbi tagellidt.

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