26 February 2007

Anger and politics:

Politics and anger were neighbors for a long time. there are a lots of scenes where politicians become physical about their debates.:Throughing chairs at each other and breaking microphones or just insulting each other in public, on television etc. i am wondering how the two things have survived together and lived harmoniously through out the centuries.

This is not the topic of this post though…yet..

“Why are you angry?” said Ali to his friends Idir as they were sipping their Nus-Nus at Balima Café.

Ali understands politics as "petites things". Never takes politics seriously. Why bother .. People in charge would never really manage to do anything anyway for the country. they do not care...

Whereas Idir understands politics as things they all have to do. He analyses all the elements of success and failure in the modern political debate.

“ If they can not, they have to really step down and let others do it” he thinks.

Power and abuse seen synonymous to Idir who spent all his life waiting for this things called Constitutionalization of Tamazight. This usually means a constitutional recognition of Tamazight as one of morocco official languages.

Idir is sick and tired of having to explain that to his friends and people who he happens to meet in his travels in and out of morocco.

“People say nous some des arabes still and i am tired of that. I can not stand it anymore. On Tamazight radio. With a thickened southern Amazigh accent a guy was talking about how “we, the Arabs, have to pull ourselves together and fight for the rights to unify the Arab world!. Well it is schizophrenia of identity awareness. I am not going to waste my time teaching. Investing energy in sensitization (sensibilisation) is OVER. Now it is time for action and if we do not do it. Iccak lbaz (falcon ate you). “

Idir is angry. At least this is what his friends think. He says his views out loud. He speaks his thought. Everybody is angry. Young people.. older folks.. women.. kids.. kids parents.. teachers.. foreign teachers.. bloggers.. water sellers.. MPs.. Sun flower sellers.. writers.. artist… and Imazighen.. They all have the right to get angry if anger is a right.

What it the distance between directness, political correctness and anger? Is pointing out social injustice in what ever tone or language and anger? What if it is? And so what?

What would Idir feel after 3000 years of colonization, depravation, and loss?

Inconsistency of thought processing or rater call it mind stream: loss... politics.. people jumping on land.. privatization.. free zones.. free staff.. selling high context cultures.. government.. anger.. money.. shanty towns.. impoverishment.. justifying anger.. democracy.. steeling out space.. waters.. DST.. arabization.. “the dream of freedom”.. process of democracy. People study us and look at all levels of merit we have. Do we deserve to be a democratic country. are we “high” enough a breed to deserve it do we remain savages may be noble ones.

who decides on goute-a-goute democracy (drop by drop). As long as this double-colonization is not over, Idir is going to “always sound angry.”

Just another angry Berber.


eatbees said...

That is Al Gore, isn't it? ;)

I'll defend Idir's right to be angry. Let him be angry at the right time, in the right place, and make a difference.

"Iccak lbaz (falcon ate you)" -- great expression! That alone is worth the price of admission for this post!

Another great expression -- "Beware the quiet man (al halim) when he finally gets angry."

Bouba said...

@Eatbees, yes that is him. Al Gore.
Idir is angry all the time. but that is how most of us really are. he does not really care much about political correctness. he traded it for honesty.
Iccak lbaz is a ctually used by people in the south. it has also been used by the group Gnawa Diffusion as a tittle of their a song.
i like beware the quite man... they also say in morocco: beware quite rivers, roaring ones should not scare you"