11 February 2007

Besides the alphabet mentality...

Imazighen of north Africa and the story of writing.

they all used a graphic face to ta mazight , a language that resisted all kinds of oppression and colonization for more than 3000 years. they used tifinagh to scribe there language and record their transactions. defined by the “history” of the mediterranean as one of the alphabets that was widely used by every one on the northern part of Africa. a few centuries later, Tifinagh was lost almost everywhere except in ahegar, azawad and air. deep in the deserts.

in mur-yakush and tangis, tifinagh was taken to the bodies to become tattoos and design for tower tops of every tighremt made of adobe and other.

tifinagh became the mystery of academicians who tried hard to locate the areas of its “loss”. before Roland Barthes (1915-1980) the question of languages of mediterranean mythos of languages was not yet investigated (semiotically) and the distance between sign and symbol was not yet scholastically measured. the signs of tifinagh moved to a sacred area and became symbols with sacred loads of many layers. how did all this happen is what “the university” will never understand... how Tifinagh was hidden to preserve a whole heritage !!. (sample of absence) how can you preserve a language by not writing it?

most of the informers, explorers, missionaries and ethnographers,who came to tamazgha in the 18’c to draw the maps of occupations, were confused about Imazighen. they did not know how to approach them. they called them berbers from la berberie, ref. babary Pirates, barbary makaks, the Barbary Treaties .

now that imazighen think it is worth while, they atarted developing their own ways of reviving tifainagh.salem chaker and others started working on this foe more than half a century.

further reading in tifinagh-web (Tam)

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