06 February 2007

exotic blogs for exotic al morocco

:><: upon request from my friends: i am showing agian this post that has created a littel comtrevercy among some bloggers.

this is not a question of nationalism . it is an observation about literacy and view point. Some people who lived in morocco for awhile have great experiences that they could write about. when they stop being racist... and "we are the blessed"-

i posted once a little billet long time ago on how some peace corps volunteers in morocco look at their experiences and how cross culture trainings they get are just reinforcement of all supremacy most of them already have. it is difficult to teach some pcv about race. because most of them a really nice people. they are there to help.

well you get it from really nice people. the road the hell in full with good intentions. these are people who serve for two years, some of them are spending more than two years in morocco. you would think they have enough experience to help them move from their racist comforts or work towards a better use of their white supremacy. no. morocco of the sheltering sky and the man who knew too much is the same morocco that inspires these people to write about what they see.

well this is how blogging morocco sounds like (US expats and peace corps volunteers)


Understanding illiteracy for: Cat in Rabat

But is this a world without books? Are there bookstores in Rabat? Some; for the most part, they carry French and Arabic titles. Who’s reading them? Obviously some people – I’m not suggesting that no one reads in Morocco, only that I haven’t seen any of them yet. Possibly the ex-pat community keeps the librairies alive.

describing Ashoura by driver:

Oh man. people begging on the streets. like, cars cannot get through because there are too many people begging. i guess today's the day for it. one lady asked me for money (well, lots did) and i started up with the whole, "i don't really have any and i'm really sorry and i think you're nice and..." but then i recognized her as the lady that lives down the street in the really nice house. i just walked away. people who are way better off than me are out begging. no wonder some folks around town think i'm homeless. again, i guess that's just what people do today.

Post scriptum:

Some reactions to this post .

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Bouba said...

Friends and bloggers who contributed to this conversation were generous enough to bring in a lot of their personal opinions and personal life. In honor of all that and in respect to Tamarbouta and all others. This post has been deleted from my blog.
This conversation can be further carried on the streets and cafés of lmeghrib.
The please read Tamarbouta account about the post. In: http://blog.21publish.com/taamarbuuta

Lalla Mira said...

Do I understand that you published this blog entry before, somewhere?
Can you please guide me to it, I'd love to read it.

This is close to what I think of PCV from what I read on their blogs. I've been thinking about writing about it on my blog.

bouba said...

@Lalla Mira,
sorry i just saw your comment,

i posted something s wile ago.
this is the link,
thank you for visiting.
bouba (Oct 22, 2007)