01 July 2006


It seems like the situation on Merzouga is the same. All the refugees in the tents are going to suffer the heat. 45`C the two days ago. Now it is real summer. Most people who work on the summer in sand baths providing visitors with shelter and skills of sand therapy have lost their jobs. This is a horrible year for every one. Farmers, hostel owners, sand workers, tourism workers, every one.
Now the government thinks ( when the government thinks, it is always bad decisions) .. people should not build homes where their original homes were. Well how the hell are they going to accept that. This is a new displacement and it is horrible emotionally and socially to ask people to build homes in other areas just for the sake of selling new elections or to please a new regional walee, governor.
Merzouga is never going to look the same any more. the disaster arrivists, like war lords are already jumping on peoples pains to build up for their own benefits.
People have been displaced thousand times in the past. Give them a break.

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