09 July 2006

And it all sinks

And it all sinks into the grounds of forgetting.
I am not used to really post things about myself. I always thought i would be the guy of everyone and do the postings that matter for everyone. Now i am a little depressed and i am not finding inspiration. This country is making me really tires and more and more i feel i should not really be here.
I like this town a lot, Brattleboro, a cool town where people still pass you and say “ ha’r you ddowin?” and it all sounds cool.
But …
I am feeling i like to be somewhere else. I would like to be in Merzouga right now heping with what ever i can to get my people out of the merde that nature has put them in after the horrible floorings of last month. My people live under tents right now in the heat of a Saharan desert sun. they say temperature now reaches 45’C. i am sure it is more than that.
I am sitting here in this country doing nothing. Well i am donating paintings to jura-Merzouga, Suisse organization that helps with the reconstruction. But how do i really feel about this being from there is a totally different thing.
I can not go to Morocco this summer. I can not go back for pocket reasons. Only because i can’t afford the costs. mierrda.
I am lucky i have all the friends you need…


squindia said...


I'm sorry that you are feeling this way. I know very well the feeling of wanting to be in a place that you can't get to. I hope that you will surround yourself with people that you love and love you and find some joy in being in Vermont. I miss it very much! Stay in touch...


Bouba said...

thank you Skindia,
i am better now and back to almost normal. i am thinking now about the wave of heat that is hitting the area of Merzouga and peope who are living there under the plastic hor moroccan yellow government tents.
again thank you,
let us read you,