17 July 2006

War is stupid

The war is happening again in Lebanon. And the world is watching all the families and all the kids being killed with “illegal weapons” and burnt alive with fire. And their homes bombed. The big G8 is watching. Well the news in the US of A is considering talking about it. maybe one day they will may be not. But this is a conflict between Hezbollah and Israel. As is. And al the massacres will be there again just like in Rwanda and Kosovo and earlier in time in old Germany.
The UN has no hands no power to say anything. Mr. Anan is trying to advise that war is bad for you. Poor UN person. On the mean wile children and civilians are being slaughtered by the war machine of Israel.
I do not understand how ruthless can this be. it is not politics anymore it is the blood and the slaughter that needs to stop. Fuck the politics i do not give a shit to politics, i cre about the children and the old folks being burnt to death wile every one else is doing their week end shopping in Wal-Marts and Targets and seeping their hot cafes in Paris and Rome.
After all this ends they will of course try to work on issues of trauma and conflict resolution and conflict transformation. Who gives a shot to all the rotten psychologies when people loose their families and their land if not their lives.
Israel and Hezbollah and all the others should really shut it up and let people alone. People are tired of all these massacres. We are tired of all this politics of death and stupidity.

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