30 April 2006

tamazight on moroccan tv ?

royal institute for tamazight (ircam) and the moroccan gov get together to decide what to do about introducing Tamazight in the morocan media. they are talking about “consolidation de tamazight" reported le matin(fr). more programs may be on the second moroccan chanel. Let’s see how that goes.
For a very long time, morocco has two tvs. achievements of our government. now we are opening up for more. we want our air to be free. well we are trying. we good in going round things in morocco. many peope bought satellite dishes and never watched moroccan tv. but we still pay for it in with our electricity bills. we pay for tv with electricity!!.. i always wondered who came up with this idea.
In 1994 late king hassan ii announced the obligation to introduce Tamazight in the tv. Happy were all moroccans, i dare say. expectations were high. achievements 5 ( five) minutes of Tamazight on tv every day for 12 yeas. reactions to this decision. amazigh artists caricatures a woman who said: “oh.. o did not know palistine is accupied by israel” she was caught off for a log time from any news. Not her language. i wonder what she would say now about the war in iraq, darfur, western sahara issues, nuclear eapons, bush admin, free zone, human rights…


junoon said...

depuis quelque temps plusieurs programmes produits par 2M sont traduit en tamazight 'sous titrage en français'
et diffusés vers midi ou 13h.
pas encore de journal.
dejà pas mal je trouve.

Foulla said...