06 April 2006

the right to information

What is really happening all over the world is intimidating.

We know about it when it happens, do we? We don’t hear everything. The big 5 media corporations in the US of A do the work and monopolize everything not caring about our rights to information. Well it is not the right to access infos anymore, it is the right to access accurate, true.. the right information. freedom of expression i sa differetn story

When they chose the verbiage that works for them, they all set references for frames of though and build successfully mentalities of submission and dependence. We will depend on them to get informed.

There are times when we get corrections for all the junk information we are fed. However how many of us are ready to check back and correct these information. For instance events happening on France, the civil war in Iraq, the war in Iraq, Iran and the USA. the Western Sahara, Palestine, Darfur.

Who sets the hot spots and the breaking news and why? Who sets the rules of forgetting issues of war and disasters, Afghanistan, Serbia, Rwanda, etc.

Sam Graham-Felsen revisits france. Please read.

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