04 April 2006

Matkhemmem-sh / Think Not

when it hurts to think...

‘Depressing , gone crazy’ is the reaction of many of us who try hard to catch up with what is commonly called top news. The world seems to have lost its mnd . And is going somewhere not known to anyone.

In politics the US is leading (hurding) the world and people isworried about anti-anything sentiments growing all over the place and who initiates that and...

I am thinking about all the possible ways of understanding but it is not right when understanding means nothing but finding out how ‘wrong’ justifies itself. It hurts to think.. and i know how painful it is to think outside ones head. it does not matter if any one gets it or not..
i feel for those who make a living out of "planning" to explain to their students how things happen in politics..

Some will say: ‘but all the thinkers and big heads of the past have done that and thought about all the possible ways for humanity to progress and seek progress. I agree.. except that we can categorize them now and have them packaged in books and anthologies. we can show parts of them and hide others. How many of us know Ibn Khaldoune and why would not they know Ali Azayku or Sidati Ould Abba. How and why would we care about Max Weber and not Sidi Ahmed Belmadani.

How many people think 'reframing organizations' is diametrically opposite to any social change when the frames have been prefabricated to fit forcefull anywhere. And whydo frames imply square-ness.

I learned like in a dream that history unfolds slowly and all the things we think we learn are going to be worthless a few days later. Actions that we think are past still go on in a world governed by war-lords and all those thirsty for money and power. There is no immediate answer to the questions that start with a “why” at a time where the WH-question has maybe as an answer.

I am worried about knowledge and the right to information. We are packaging more and more our thought in frames of emptiness. How fast can political science go to catch up with politics and how much can sociology can go before society changes face. How are the anthropology students doing with a depressed discipline where native anthropologists are no more welcome in a field where all the findings tell them how their favorite professors have all conspired with corporations to forge stories and publish them in English and German. This is the authority of science that people pay loans to learn. People put themselves in a life time debt enslavement to learn what makes them more depressed. all the interest goes to the same pockets.

Wars and power are the currency of the age. Enlightenment that gave some people hope in the future no-more counts. There are bumps everywhere. Chomsky abandons his generative linguistics and all the sentence trees to focus on real trees we log everyday and people we hunt in every corner.

Globalization is a genocide backed up by classrooms, prisons, garrisons and chicken souks and lesson plans.

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