23 April 2006

autonomie du sahara occidental

lazy blogers like myself have been navigating to see what is out there on te blog sphere.
In Morocco at least 48 political prisoners will be free today according to Alarabiya tv. the prisons of Kalaa Magouna and Agdez have more than 48 saharaoui prisoners. what is going to happen to them? who decides on the lists and how? where are the others?
a few weeks go the king visits the western sahara hich was a major verb in the moroccan blog community. Mohamed VI announced the "birth" of the 'royal council for wetern sahara affairs' and one of its major tasks is to provide route for autonomy fo WS. Khalihenna oudl rachid, a former minister of sahara affairs, nominated the head of this council. this is one of the most dangerous issues in the modern history of morocco.
i wonder what the moroccan soldiers in the front would think about this. and what would others who lost their family members in this conflict would say? '
in the 1970s and 80s people got jailed and tortured for mentioning autonomy. now it is the whole regime that talks about it.
things change and regimes do as well.

some updates here.

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