06 January 2008

Touareg Genocide

Understanding the Touareg struggle for liberation.
Another way of getting rid of the Touregs of Niger and Mali is to exploit their lands through massive extractions of Uranium by the French government and corporations. Now a whole population is exposed to radiation and government oppression.
The world is "just looking".
This is what Assouf Ag Maha is explaining in this interview. ( 18 Minutes/ French)


bouba said...

i encourage all friends interested in human rights and justice and peace to watch this movie. apologies for those of you who do not speak French. i hope i can find a transcript to translate or something.
the situation in North Niger and Mali is really worsening day after day.
the Paris Dakar rally cancellation is very telling and what i am learning from that is the involvement of other nations in this region.
please support the Touaregs and sign the petition that are out there.
one is here.

Please support peace in northern Niger by signing the petition of HUMAN RIGHTS 3000 at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/pinnne07/petition.html

Adrian said...

If you could post a transcript in English that would be great - I am trying to do some research on the Tuareg and there is very very little available in English (and I can't speak French).

Or if you find anything you could post it here on my blog.

Thanks for your time!

bouba said...

thank you for your interest in the Toureg situation. i have not been able to do the transcript yet. i hope i will have time for that soon.
yes i agree there is very little available.. in all languages. france is being a little secretive about issues but now that 2 journalists have been arrested by the Nigerian regime we are going to hear a little more about the touaregs on the french media at least.

Rita L. Betti said...

I am doing research on the Imazighen people in Northern Africa for a screenplay I am working on. My story is mainly about Dihya Al-Kahina but I also want to include some current information showing how these people are still suffering from persecution and threats. If you have translated this interview into English I would certainly like a copy for my own research. thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Azul my brother firstly thanks about this good video i just want to ask if you can give the same support to the Amazigh kaptives on Morocco (students )they are on prison because of their ideas and because of their fight against Arabic Makhzan