13 January 2008

Happy Amazigh New Year

one more...

Happy Amazigh New Year,
Asseggwas ighudan i imazighen marra wala kul medden yaden,

Amazigh New Year 2958 is today Jan 13

Imazighen known as Berbers have stated their calendar 950 BCE and have used it ever since.
Most farmers in North Africa, having forgotten the origins of this calender, still remember that January (yanayer) 13 is the start of the Year. celebrated as Haguza, yennayer and many other names.



Mohamed El Kortbi said...

Quel scoop ! Les marocains fêtent hagouza en achetant des fruits secs et en s'offranrt un bon diner à base de poulet beldi !!!

Mounir said...

Happy new year,

bouba said...

thanks Ssi Mohamed. yes Hagouza is great. i do not really know if people are still doing it or no. in the south east morocco it is still there n a lot of places but it is definitely going.
in Souss areas think it is there but it is rather called Taguella.
i have to ask Simlymorocan wha tshe thinks about all this Haguza business and why is it going.
Imazighen are picking lot of things back and doing great job is reviving them which is great.
@ mounir, thank you. sorry about being late in responding. thanks you for the wishes.

alle said...

bit late, but happy new years nevertheless!

bouba said...

thank you and happy new year to you too. looking forwards to a great year peace ans hope to all.

tazart said...

assgass ambarki

Anonymous said...

nous ne somme pas besoin d un fet mais a notre paye volee par les arabe pui les autre asagas ambarkie bouba

Learn English said...

hi bouba
happy new year ..i am amazigh too
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Anonymous said...

happy new year my brother.

i am amazigh from algeria, we celebrate the new amazigh year with vegeterian couscous (generality couscous with beans or carrots and other legumes). we call this one "tamaqfoult". Do you have this couscous in maroc?

imani said...

you're in jordan? nice! i was there not so long ago.
as for SIT, i'm still waiting on my capstone to write itself. hopefully that will happen sooner than later.
send me an email sometime.
take care my friend...