01 January 2008

happy new year every1


Lalla Mira said...

Happy new year 2008 to you too!

Hisham said...

Happy new year. Keep it up for this year too, Bouba!

bouba said...

@thank you lalla mira.
@Hisham, thank you. it is always going to be "spot on". :)

mohee said...

Cher Mokee,
Bonn anni 2008/2958 dasn kelk jours a toi avec tous mes souhaits de bonheur et de prospérité à toi et à tous ceux ki te sont cher

tallimunt said...

Aseggwas ifulkin.

bouba said...

@Moha, tanemmirt nek atas. ad ak ihlu awed keyy.
@tallimunt, ad am hdigh taudant wala asif n suss, hdugham ejournals d refworks.