20 November 2007

Other meanings for culture

This is Mola Sylla, a Senegalese singer accompanied by a group of musicians from Armenia, Iran and Romania. A west African voice that challenges the limitations of local scales and fles above them to meet all the airs that the Mediterranean can provide.
this is another meaning for culture (to the best of sounds). sharing and collaboration in creating an art that transcends the boundaries of culture and nation states...

[source: newsounds.nl]


Moh said...

No idea how I ended up here but I loveD your site! Mola sylla piece is just fabulous. I played it several times while reading through your blog. Good luck.

bouba said...

azul, i am glad you ended up here and thank you for your visit. it is always appreciated.
i always visited your blog i always remember... Moi Elle et Ma Mere, one of my favorite pieces.
thank you again ,
ad ak i7lu,