15 August 2007

Lkamikaz d meknes

Hicham Doukkali is a 28 years old Moroccan engineer working for the finance department in Meknes. Found a job through the struggle of the Moroccan association of unemployed university graduates .. blows himself up near the door of a tourist bus in a public plaza in Meknes..
Place Lahdim, known for its legendary murals and big arched gates built by workers and Maalems during the reign of the Alaouite king Moulay Ismail. Now a photo stops. Tourist buses stop before going other destinations for a few minutes to take pictures on their way to Volubilis or Fes.
Doukkali’s attempt brings all the questions back.. "what the @#&# is going on in people’s heads?. What is their motivation? It is not definitely hanger and thirst. These guys are not protesting individual miseries. They are not desperate for food, which was the idea behind redesigning Sidi Moumen after the attacks of 5/16th where more than 42 people were killed. This is a person with high education, employed with a good salary and a good social status. He wanted to blow himself inside a bus but he could not get in as the driver closed the doors.
i am sure we are all bedazzled by this stupid act. It is just beyond my head. I cant understand this rising culture of destruction and self destruction. I can’t help thinking that it is so hard to think that some realistic analysis can be done to understand the hidden reasons behind the suicidal tendencies of this people who want to take as many lives as they can with them.
this is a foreign mentality officially created in the seventies and earlier than that to counter balance the communists and all the red staff… and the western iron curtain.
It developed as an imperialist tool against freedom of speech and all that.
It is high time we sat down and examined our selves, our school systems, our Moroccaness and all the crap we have learned about why things do not work.
I do not care if these people think there is a heaven they aspire for by doing this. I do not want to go to a heaven where everyone has killed someone. If killing takes anyone to Heaven, guess who are the people who are going to meet there… who killers Iraqis, Palestinians, Touaregs, New Yorkers, Afghanis, tootsies, Native Americans, …
However we are all encouraged as Moroccans to think seriously about the meaning of our religious ideologies to understand that all this Is not about wanting to be good to Allah, it is beyond that… terrorism shapes development more than any academic theories. The politics of this New Order speak the language of fire and blood.
Yet I am not understanding how any person can be indoctrinated enough to kill.
And I do not think I will understand it... ever.
(photo AFP)

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