05 March 2007

Mothers and Songs

THIS is a compilation of songs in Tamazight and Arabic Dedicated to all mothers these extraordinary humans with big big heart and livers (tasa) and are there to absorb the pains of the world and wait for a better times to come…
Remembering Ali Azayku and al the great poets, singers and artists who spent time tinking all them...

(Photo: chrisrouge)

Yemma: from the Palestinian Heritage. (Palestinian)

Thifridjas: Yemma. (Tamazight)

Omar Boutmezzught: (Tamazight)

Big H and Jay: Moroccan Rap (Darija)


Jerba Mate.. said...

I love mothers, thank you for celebrating them.

Bouba said...

@every one, i re-edited this post because stopped working for some reason. the few songs about mothers are there. please excuse my tech skills.