08 March 2007

New Book: Ajjig N Tidi, by Mohamed Akunad.

After the success of his Novel Tawargit d Imik ( a dream and more) Mohamed Akunad publishes his second book Ajjig n Tidi ( A Flower of Sweat).

Ajjig n Tidi tells the story of an Amazigh immigrant who ends up working in the tunnels of coal mines in France in the 1970’s. He decides to go back to his village and start a new life after all the change that had happened during his absence.

The Novel structure revolves round te evolution of the main character and his attempts to understand the changes that happen everyday in his village. changes in values and mentalities of his people during the time of his forced exile in France.

In hisfirst novel Tawargit d imik Akunad explored certain dreams of possibility. Ssi Brahim, the newly hired imam, accepts the position of Msid teacher and Fkih of the village. He tries to bring lots of reforms to the mosque traditions by encouraging more women to come over to the prayer room. He gave his sermon in Tamazight. For the first time people really made sence of what Friday Khotbas are about. A womwn in the back, pleased with what he fqih said, ‘yuyus’ ( tseghret) in the middle of the khotba. Apologizes later. Ssi Brahim had to “pay it expensive”. His personality became controversial and tragic as the Qayd brings his finger into the discussion. With the help of the local Sheikh, Ssi Brahim lost al grounds and lost the villagers , hi students, women coming to the mosque and the right to speak his language, Tamazight in Allah’s House.

Akinad: Ayuz nek.

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