15 March 2007

again in casablanca

One of two suicide bombers kills himself in a cyber café where he came to look at terrorist sites.
The owner of the cyber café asked the two suspicious clients to leave the premises and they refused. One of them blows himself. The other one flew away dropping his belt but e was arrested about an hour later. The Moroccan police have not yet determined what their target was or whether they were waiting for orders that never came.
Four bystanders were injured in the internet cafe. The terrorist dies on the spot. Both terrorists were involved with ter
rorist attacks of Casablanca 2003 and he got a royal pardon in 2005.
A wound was opened again in the country. the wound of Mai 16th. Now Morocco will probably think about revising the relationship between royal pardons and religious /national holidays. I am assuming that the Moroccan police and the ministry of justice will have a lot of things to talk about now...
what were the intentions of these people remains the question every single Moroccan is asking...
Police and the department of National security are raising the level of vigilance according to Moroccan Press Agency.
It is really sad to think about the reasons for all the terrorism and its political implications and how Moroccans suffer every single day from all the different kinds of terrorism. Moroccan people are the ones who are guarding the gates and towers of the country now and always . Not the police. Not the American embassy. Not the Interpol.
I am sure that the Moroccan department of tourism is worried more about all the effects of this attack on the tourism dream of ten million tourists by the year 2010.

photo BBC archive


taamarbuuta said...

I think the fact that these men received a royal pardon is ridiculous, frankly.

But you're right - it is the Moroccans who are ultimately affected by this - not the tourists. It doesn't seem like tourism will be too affected, just like it wasn't after 2003's events.

(Although I must say, my place of work has three policemen outside of it nowadays)

Property in Morocco said...

Terrorism in the modern sense is violence or other harmful acts committed (or threatened) against civilians for political or other ideological goals. Nowadays terrorism becomes very powerful. We do not know when to expect it. We are dolls in terrorists hands. It is the biggest problem of our society.