15 October 2006

Why isn’t the world a great place.

Perfect denial:

Yes it is a great place. From Vermont to all the other places. There are millions of places that we can enjoy. Seas, deserts and rain forests. Waterfalls and snow mountains. great architecture. Oops that is may be the start of less enjoyable places. But what is wrong with great big humanguetarious buildings and great human oeuvres. They did it and they could. But how? And who built the great pyramids. And the great walls of china and Palestine and the other airports.

Building is great and it reflects greatness of humans. Their ability to oppress each other and use them to allude to how big we want to be. there are walls in the southern US of A. walls to prevent any intrusion from the south. The same walls are reproduced in southers Spain, on Moroccan soil. In Seuta and Mellilia. The two Moroccan cities still colonized by Spain. What an shame that is more than just architectural. More money for the walls. Spain is adding more cement and concrete.. may be it is the great desire to be walled in and wall out the rest.

The world in not a great place any more as long as there are walls every where and as long as politics walls our and our brains.

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heather c. said...

Speaking of Ceuta...
Dear Bouba, remember your little friend Hebr? I´ve thought a lot about you and your beautiful wife these days since I´ve been travelling to Morocco. I leave again today and have the wonderful pleasure of walking across the border into Ceuta on Sunday. Maybe one of the more stressful and ugly experiences I´ve had in my life. Thank goodness for the happy blue passport that I can wave at the refugees who yell at me from behind bars and wait for a commotion to distract the border guards so that maybe they can slip through.
I am living here in Spain now, and, while I really love it, it´s a great little case study for immigration, racism, and other greatness... Maybe I´ll start a blog!
I have to run, but say hello to ustadi. Ramadan mubarak...