10 October 2006

Not much

Not much
I a have not been writing much in this blog but i think i will make it a weekly blog so i am not messing  round with anything. i will be doing the blog thing every souk day.
Thi week started with a little fund raising thing in Putney school. i was not aware if the existence of a school like this is rural Vermont. A very expensive high school. check it out.
School and all te other details. I will leave out most of the high school stories to tell my grand kids so they can blog them out to you.
Keep it up….

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otomotis said...

i'll be checking up on you a bit more often now, my friend!! how are you and jamila? when are you guys coming to michigan?? don't be strangers... i keep sending students on the SIT morocco program.... :) makes me think of you and jamila a to! be blessed!!!