03 October 2006

Ramadan that ‘does’.

It is Ramadan and it looks a little different on this side though. Moroccan Ramadan and that of other countries can get a little confusing to some head. Religion or culture. Well it is al about religion here. “All that ye humans do is for thy selves except Ramadan ye do it for me” said Allah.( my translation)

Her in Vermont. There is a small muslim community. Almost a few people from 'areas diverse'. Africa to south asia. Most of these people are students or faculty from SIT or Marlboro. Prayers of Friday take place mostly at SIT meditation room. Ramadan in just another month. I do not personally have problems with that.

In Morocco it is a real month. A culture. A do it and be proud. For sure productivity goes a little lower but we do not talk about that. There is a nuance tp that and the gray round it is we are going to start thinking islam. We will stop drinking beer 40 days before Ramadan and we would have a day for that. Shaabana. D-day. Yes. And we would get drunk during that day. We take this day more seriously in Marrakech. We try n Casablanca. Gender segregates drinking in many other areas. We segregate the two major genders anyway.

Hotels still serve our beloved tourists. Who observe us observing sidna ramadan.

Our nights are the best. Yeh. Grown ups filling there sebtis after a bowl of harira. Deep puffs of pure kif and ktamiya tobacco. A ritual that a lot of Moroccans do not bother to observe any more but it is a classic ritual. I wonder if this is all dying because of the anti-drug movement and the rage of destroying kif crops that is taking place everywhere in morocco now.

Ramadan mubarak to all those who and those who-not.

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