28 January 2007

Et la genocide continue

Small children are dying everyday in morocco. ( as of today 30)

This outrageous killing quietness of the Moroccan government over the issues of peoples lives and deaths as well. in the last couple of months, a deadly wave of cold hovers over the atlas mountains and killed lots of people. according to most sources, 30 people have died and more are suffering. The dead were mostly young children.

Last Monday Jan 22, in response to a call from Amazigh militants of Rabat, more than 50 people gathered in front of the Moroccan Parliament to pay homage to the victims of a disease that is still mysterious today. More than 30 people, the majority of which are children less than one year old , have died… the Moroccan government, which has done absolutely nothing to help these victims the number of which keeps increasing.

Writes moha arehal.

This is an area, where Berbers live a life style that is sinking more and more under the standards of poverty. People are 'poor'. they once owned this land and helped the present rulers remain on the top. In a world where all climates are messed up, Berbers are left with an eternal confusion. Winters are colder then they had always been and all sorts of diseases and maladies brought by this world they like to call “modern”. It is a ruthless beast moving to devour everyone. Talk about global warming and all the other issues round it. what the Moroccan gov would never understand is that things do not happen by themselves. Our politicians are directly implicated in the deaths of the children of Anefgou. They have a hand in the genocide. Of course this is not a new thing. It has happened and still in happening to the indigenous peoples everywhere in the world. When ethnocide do not work for them they are going to start all sorts of genocides hoping one day these Berbers would just perish and disappear so the arabo-islamic demagogues can talk about them as people of past times. And this is not right. Amazigh people have survived all the genocides of the past, but now things are different, there is a huge beast involved now and the threat is much bigger. It is not just a bunch of pan-arabs fighting for seats in the parliament so they could still hold hands with the Saudi emirs and get some petrodollars out of it. now the threat is universal and it is affecting every single person in the poor sides of the world, say the majority of the world.

How many “natural” disasters does it take for our representatives to understand it is not “natural”? how many children do we need to loose for them to see that this is a genocide and it is not natural and not normal.

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