28 January 2007


- Should Moroccans laugh or talk about jokes ? >>

Nichane ( As is, Directly, Straight forward) Magazine banned over religious jokes a few weeks ago raises questions of political reform Morocco likes to sell. Nichane Magazine tells stories "as they are told by moroccan". Ksikes says the police should arrest all the Moroccan society for producing these jokes. it is high time Moroccan gov , pulled themselves together
and understood these ways belong to olden times. Our society has suffered injustice for centuries.
Jettou reproduces the same old fears of transcription. Why is it an issue when things are written or transcribes? Moroccan have been producing jokes about Allah, the king, Mohamed, Ali Baba, Jommani, the train, shoes, toilet paper, potato chips….etc and their wit is not going to stop as long as they are Moroccans.
If it is offending to some people now that they are written in Nichane , i am wondering if they are discovering them for the first time. emm are you Moroccan. Where were you when they are being said on the streets. May be you were in Saidi of on Bariz enjoying your Martinis. Come on. This is really shameful.
I am just upset with the mentality of offence and banning.
Some more details read.

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