23 April 2012

Mavis Staples : Eyes On The Prize


ahmed fathy said...

مدونة رائعة اتمني زيارة موقعي

اخبار مصر

أخبار مصر و الشرق الأوسط و العالم مع تغطيات سياسية و رياضية واقتصادية

Quintus Dias said...

Hello Bouba, I live in the United States, but lived in Spain for years. While in Spain, I met many Amazigh people from Tetuan and Melilla. I am aware that Berbers settled Spain before the arrival of the Celts. Moreover, I am aware of the fusion between Spanish Celt and Berber culture in Spain that produced a very rich culture, indeed.

I write for a Blog site in the USA with links to many European followers. Consequently, we have become aware of the Amazigh struggle for recognition.

We are interested in the story of the Amazigh people, culture and traditions. We are also very interested in why they have been WRITTEN OUT of history.

Furthermore, we are really interested in linking Amazigh scholars and researchers such as yourself with Celt scholars in Ireland, Spain, in the USA, and in Scotland to explore the origins, culture, history of the Amazighs and the Celts to see if we can find commonalities linking the two peoples and cultures.

Moreover, you and your circle of friends would be welcome to post articles on the Manticore website to keep us aware of the Amazigh struggle.

As you know, there is a tremendous revival of ancient knowledge and a search for common roots among indigenous people of the world.

For example, the Spaniards in Spain are in ferment and are very angry, as they feel they have been lied to by their governments over the years as to who they really are, and where they originated from. Moreover, many Spanish artists, such as Juan Pena El Lebrijano a Flamenco singer and historian is searching for roots between Andalusian music and the music of the Amazighs. He has found an amazing commonality. Keep in mind that many Spaniards are descendants from the Berbers and admire them, yet face ostracism from officials if they try to claim links with Berbers in North Africa.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XokqSvptDE

Please feel free to contact me Quintus Dias: naconah@yahoo.com

I would love to hear from you and from Amazighs anywhere.

Best regards,

A brother...


Quintus Dias said...

You and your friends can visit with us at our Blog site.


Warm regards.

Quintus Dias