17 June 2007

Igelliden n tiniri (Tinariwen)

This Video was published thanks to IndependientRecords. Tanemirt.


Doktorix said...

I've discovered this just today and i'm amazed by the beaty of this music. I'm a big fan of ali farka touré, and i hear in this the malian blues i adore , it's also full of expressing sounds and blue lyrics. I'm stuck on it...and it's just starting :)))

Thanks very much for sharing this

Doktorix....New Tinariwen Fan

Bouba said...

Thank you Dotorix for your comment . i found Tinariwen to be one of the best Sahara Music groups. they are just great. Brahim has given all his life to these tones. "Aman Iman" ( water is life) has a great song about Mano Dayak... one of the great Touareg scholars and militants.
i am glad there is a Tinariwen fan in Meknes. i hope all people in Meknes can do like you in recognizing the beauty of Saharan africa...
Ali Farka Toure is great too, if you get a chance to listen to his son Viex Farka Toure. He has a page in MySpace. an amazing guitar player too.
Shoukran again.

Liosliath said...

Beautiful, thanks - the French guy in his mint colored shesh makes me laugh, too. :)

Elliott Broidy said...