09 April 2007

what is the word?

Not all Words count.

There are words on every possible surface. Newspapers. Websites. Joumua speeches. Words that come right out of speakers of radios and televisions. Words from podcasts and words from café places. Clouds of disturbing words and streams of verbiage and all the possible pitches tones.

Hearing all the words of all kinds all the time is a really hard thing to do. Words that you agree with and those you don’t. the creation of words. The industry of words. Oh my … words at school. in every single corner. No one can escape all these floods of verbiage coming right into your ears from every where. And people say “ they should not say it like that” “why would any one say that” “ willi hshuma.. ma khassoush igul hakak” ( shame, he should not say that).

Sick: a wordly self-description of an acoustic illness.. or just tired of reading about political nonsense.

All the above and bellow is added to the big pile of verbiage recreation.

We are spending centuries on the study of these things. We created grammar and linguistics to make sure our words are well studied. We are creating every minute thousands of descriptions and illustrations. We are the rational ones. We discard other peoples words when they are different. We call that "foreign languages" thought we created declarations of cultural and linguistic rights of indigenous peoples. We like to hear them singing their own words and they all say staff. things we never understand.

We created English that millions of people now have to study to find a seat on the train of development and civility. French. German. that's it. We created the ability to speak for speakers and adapted sign language to fir images of “normal” verbiage.. the one with sounds. We abused of the 90 of non verbal indicators to our own semantics. We know how it all works: no verb no life. If you do not speak the right way, you do not deserve to be.

Speak. Say. Sound. Hint. Splash. Vomit. Write. Spell. Admit. Surrender. Say yes. Forget. Buy. Pay. Go. Come back. Buy. Pay. Go. Next. Please. Buy. Pay. Go. Forget. Buy again. do not watch how many people we kill. Just buy. Staff. things. Speak. Don’t speak. We don’t care. Shut up.

Shut up: a violent way of stopping unwelcome sounds from fellow humans we know we would disagree with before really listen to them. that is shut shut up.

what if i don't.

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