24 June 2006

… and there is an Amazigh association there under construction to look after the Amazigh Jewish heritage. according to Jeune Afrique this assiciation has as a goal «l’amitié entre les Amazighs et les Juifs ». this is a group of "militants” from civil society who are willing to bridge the gap between moroccan Amazigh and Amazigh Jews living in Israel on one hand and fight against anti-Semitism on the other.

this is a good project, congratulations. But lets get the semantics right. Imazighen are Imazighen. They adopted different religions through out history. Then Jews are indigenous to morocco. i hope it is not anti-Semitic to say that Judaism is the most prevalent religion in north Africa for a long time. before Islam.

“When the Jews left morocco”, many of them stayed in morocco. “the Amazigh Jewish” relations do not need any restablishment, unless Arabism and Harvardism are more important to our self-conscience as we learn how to see ourselves with “Other” eyes.

According to Harvard Knowledge factory, Imazighen are the Berbers of Morocco, Arabs of some sort. Jewish people have to be an ethnicity to massage the heads ad pockets of our friends from Europe: les juifs blancs .

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