23 May 2006

who owns tamazight

Well fin Global Voices gets interested in Tamazight (known as Berber) (an inerest signed Foula) in her weekly updates about morocco.

here is a little more staff...

I gave a presentation last week about Amazigh Cyber activism in my school and i was amazed at how little the tribe of blogers know about Imazighen, a people that shaped the history of north Africa and the Mediterranean region as a whole for more than 40 centuries. well accademicians, the craftsmen of common knowledge have never cared...

Imazighen suffered from persecution every where even in the academic sphere, tall the way. Now Who cares about the Berbers/ Amazigh people?.

In the cyber space, an area where google tries to create a “to-go” sort of knowledge (savoire a emporte); well packaged to fit the needs of a buzy consumer. If you "google" the word Berber, which stands for amazigh, you will get websites about carpets and if you search Touareg, imazighen of the great sahara, you will probably get about 40 entries about cars and SUVs. What kind of knowledge is this.

They have patented indigenous knowledge and they are patenting our names. Patentscope website has all the information about patents. Who “owns” names like: Berber, Amazigh, Touareg, morocco (there are 67 records of morocco patents. ie they own the name morocco). sahara is owned by 86 people or firms or i do not know what.

It is very ironical that the Moroccan government does not allow people to give Amazigh names. At the same time others are patenting Amazigh names, peoples’ manes, areas, countries ….etc

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