09 March 2006

Difandi Ssouq / forbiden to souk.

Baraka / enough:
Hamid Bounhilat, a 30 years old, a seller of
fruit and veggies at the weekly Souq of Ait Ourir (about 20 miles south east of Marrakech) gets killed by gang early in the morning last week . Hamid is from Hellet Belhadj one of a thousands of forgotten villages.
After the burial, Inhabitants of the village rose and walked to the HQ of the local government to protest against lack of security in the area. earlier incidents showed that the government does not give a hoot about whatever is related to the peoples safety and security.
It is ironic that the Moroccan government has all the arsenal to stop the protests. People were asking for more security in the area. they were asking their government to do what it is supposed to do.
Protesters were faced with a regiment of policemen and Gendarmes armed with guns and tear bombs. Four helicopters were roaming above them. the governor and his band of suites and ties came out surprised about what is happening.
60 people were arrested according to a local news paper many were injured.
This is not the kind of security people want.
People want to go safely the weekly market when ever they want. A government that provides regiments of FIR and gendarmes helicopters and hundreds of cars and trucks can use some of this to provide some security.
When it is protests and demonstrations the gov is super present but when it is peoples lives, forget it.
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