29 November 2005

semantics of dysfunctions


escaping the real is seen as escaping any way when reality does not fit any more in any form of understanding. i collected myself escapingly from being injected meanings i do not want to hold in my body. i do not want to understand. i want to stay illiterate and enjoy the mysteriousness of latin script and arabic abajadiya(alphabet).
understanding how letters pronounce is work. it becomes more work… hard work as reflection goes beyond meaning or when sight/reading allows for confusion and abcd-ed smantic dysfunctions.
the other day, a friend was talking about original thoughts and he said that no thought is original. by the end of the week, people speak in what they had learned during that week. well enough, what if their is no week , no weekend and no concept of both. oops… What are you going to do, brother?... it is scary.. when the smartest of us get entangled in the packaged understanding.. a semantic packaging.
i have a big problem with academia in this regard. universities sustain an “abcd” culture and leaves no single way for any oral knowledge to continue. we are taught to write and shut up. writing in the way anyone else writes. think in the same way. and eventually conform to the same way of being which can be categorized and easy to militarize. Oops. now i will start thinking where should i start if all the struggle for being is altered by this nonsense usually called religion and knowledge.

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