20 May 2005


A side of the stories from a Tamazight freak living in Vermont USA for the time being whose main religion is called Sharing.
This Blog is about me and the other me who is usually called "us" or "Nekkweni" in tamazight. Encouraged by Ndesanjo to blog in Tamazight but i still find it good if the western civilization can understand all the things we say. When Gandhi was asked what he thinks of the western civilization he said:"i think it is a good idea".
So this is going to be about me and the woods of Vermont with a loop view at the world of Amazigh Blogers like Elhousine Azergui. The Rebirth of Bees is the blog where he pours his fluid smooth ideas into the cyber stream of every one. Today Lhousine has issues with an ATM in Khenifra, Morocco.

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